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We know the world needs cleaner energy now -- and that's what we're focused on delivering. Tourmaline is Canada’s largest producer of natural gas, the cleanest hydrocarbon fuel and the energy source we can count on to deliver a lower-carbon future. Working at Tourmaline, you’ll be helping to ensure the world has access to Canada’s cleaner and more affordable natural gas, playing a vital role in reducing global greenhouse emissions.

Why is Tourmaline right for you?

Tourmaline has built a strong company by hiring good people and making smart business moves. Prior to the pandemic, Tourmaline had been aggressively retooling an extensive portfolio of assets to lower emissions, while at the same time cutting costs. So, when the pandemic hit, the company was prepared to acquire properties that fit the vision of developing the cleanest natural gas. A prudent move that has made us Canada’s #1 producer of natural gas.

Tourmaline is a young company. It was founded in 2008 with the focus of being the kind of energy company the world needs for the next 100 years – cleaner, agile, and focused on innovation.

Every person here is encouraged to dive in and contribute immediately. It is not a hidebound behemoth beholden to old technology or products, so you’ll find yourself involved in exciting and interesting work from day one.

Two key words in the company’s vision are “lowest emissions,” so Tourmaline is focused on serving a world that needs cleaner energy – with natural gas. We call natural gas “the great enabler,” the environmentally friendly, low-emission fuel that will continue to power much of the global economy as we increase our dependence on renewable energy sources.

Tourmaline now ranks as Canada’s largest natural gas producer and the fifth-largest in North America. As the world continues to rely more and more on natural gas to provide energy security while cutting emissions, you can help Tourmaline continue to grow into one of the most important energy producers in the world.

We strive to produce the lowest-carbon-intensity, most ethically produced natural gas in the world. And as Canada’s #1 producer of natural gas, Tourmaline is delivering a source of energy the world needs now.

Cleaner, carbon cutting champion
Natural gas emits half the greenhouse gases that coal does. It is also vital for other clean fuels like Hydrogen.

Makes alternative energy sustainable
Natural gas supports intermittent renewables like wind and solar.

Affordable and abundant
Over 2/3 of Canadians count on natural gas, and we have enough natural gas to power our lives for centuries.

Feeds the world
Nitrogen sourced from natural gas is vital to grow food needed to feed billions.

Transportable around the world
To easily replace higher carbon fuels like coal.

What is Tourmaline’s recruitment process?

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    Meet with us

    Visit us at career fairs and information sessions to connect with our team, ask questions and learn more about current and future positions.

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    Learn more

    We encourage you to research Tourmaline, our operations and explore the exciting ways we are changing the future of energy.

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    Apply online

    Apply directly to a specific job or simply submit your resume online (we're always looking for great, interested talent!)

  4. 4

    Review process

    Our internal team will review resumes, match your skills with the most appropriate role. Only successful candidates will be contacted.

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    Successful candidates will be invited for in-person interviews with the hiring manager and other team members.

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    Join Tourmaline

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    Be 1 that helps the world.

Why you should join Tourmaline

If you are a new grad, or approaching graduation, there are a lot of opportunities for you at Tourmaline.

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    You’ll have more than just a job – you’ll be part of something important.

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    You’ll be heard now rather than playing second fiddle for years.

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    You’ll matter, knowing that what you do every day makes a difference.

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Once complete, we will review your information and match you with our current openings. Only successful candidates will be contacted for an interview.