A wide view of a gas plant in a green field.


We strive to continually improve all aspects of environmental performance, including the impact of our operations on air, land, water and seismicity. To support continuous improvement, we focus on technologies and innovative strategies that minimize our environmental footprint.

Tourmaline has undertaken several initiatives to reduce our emissions, primarily through innovation and employing new technologies. In particular, we have dramatically reduced GHG emissions associated with drilling and completions through the use of in-line well testing. We are also a participant in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), a not-for-profit charity that runs the global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impacts.

Tourmaline has been an industry leader in water management, and has been at the forefront of technology-driven changes that reduce consumption of fresh water and the volume of flowback water that must be injected into disposal wells.

We were one of the first operators in B.C. to utilize recycled water in hydraulic fracturing operations, and the first
in Alberta to receive regulatory approval to use recycled water in hydraulic fracturing operations by constructing an engineered containment facility at our Banshee facility.

Minimizing surface impact is a top priority for Tourmaline. Our use of multi-well pads has reduced surface disturbance dramatically by consolidating wells on a single pad. Rather than constructing new facilities, we look for opportunities to expand existing facilities, reducing the surface impact of additional processing capacity. When new plants are required, they are designed in a compact but expandable manner, thereby providing the ability to increase capacity with minimal impacts on the land. In addition, The Company optimizes its selection of pipeline right-of-ways to minimize surface impact.

An aerial view of a gas plant in a dense forest.

Water usage in Alberta energy operations

With their best in class recycling practices, Tourmaline is leading the way with record low water usage compared to their peers.